Friday, 17 July 2015

First puppy class

Twiglet had her first puppy class today, only three pups in the class so she got plenty of 1-1 attention from our trainer. She was good as gold in the car going and coming back - she just slept (It's an hour's journey) I really enjoyed the class, and so did Twiglet. We were doing 'sit' and 'down' and 'look at me' and running through a tunnel.

I decided with this pup that I am too old for getting up in the night, I did my time at that when I had babies! So Twiglet has a puppy pen and, at night, I put a puppy pad in there. So far she has had one wee on the pad every night (except one, when it was dry) I am sure that, as her bladder matures, she will soon have dry nights. During the day she is great, we have 90% success on wees and 100% on poos. Not bad for 8 weeks  Today she took herself into the spending area for a poo - hurrah!

And a photo of Twiglet with Tatze. As far as Tatze is concerned it's as if Twiglet had always been here.

We have developed a nice routine. I come down at 7am and wake Twiglet for toilet and play. At 7:30 I wake Tatze and they both have breakfast. Twiglet then has a filled (with soaked frozen kibble) bone followed by a sleep. John Takes Tatze for her long walk at 10am and I do training with Twiglet and take her for a carry out to see all the traffic going by. 11am next meal for Twiglet followed by a bone and snooze. Tatze comes home around 12 mid day. Plenty of snoozing follows the another play and training session around 2:30. Another meal at 3pm and Tatze has a salmon skin knot. Another bone and snooze. Then Twiglet has a play in the garden after spending - she loves that. In the evening I take the dogs in the living room (with carpet - erk) and Tatze comes on the sofa with me, with Twiglet on her day bed next to me. So far she hasn't tried to play in there at all - she just accepts that it's our calm room. Then Tatze and I go to bed at 10pm, leaving Twiglet for a mad play with John until 11pm. Rinse and repeat!

Here is a photo of our set up - and below it is a photo of Tatze and Twiglet on (yet another) day bed, I have something of a dog bed obsession!

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